Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day 698: Angels and a journal!

BookAngel, digital collage

This is the fourth month that...
I have worked on a traveling round-robin journal.
You can see earlier journal work here, here & here.

Michele's handmade, hand-covered 6-1/2" x 8" journal

This month I have Michele Unger's journal.

blank heavy 140# cold press watercolor paper

The dreaded blank spread.
Where to start?

I had just finished the "WildChild" job ...
and had these wonderful papers left over.
So I started with the front and back.

Still not sure of my plans, but I have always admired ...
how both John and Terry alter their center insert.

So I rounded all four corners ...
and added the same shape to both front & back covers.

At this point I saw the three ovals as faces ...

and added paper for hair, that would work for all three.

First/opening spread ... aka angel #1

Then I decided they would be angels ...

Middle spread ... aka angel #2

Maybe you've heard of "Charlie's Angel's"?

Final/last spread ...aka angel #3

Well, meet Michele's Angels!

A smile for Tuesday ...

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