Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 671: Digging my way out!

I've got a to-do list that would "choke a horse!"
Every time I look at it, I groan.
One is ready to check off the list.
It's not a groaner, but it did take some time.

This is John's beautiful journal.
I have had it for one month.
Inside I had this spread to fill with whatever ...
on the two full pages and four half pages.

Intimidating? Yes.
But you have to start somewhere, right?

I started with a band of tissue across the whole spread.

Then I found a sewing pattern that had straight lines.

Then some old newsprint and more torn tissue,
strips of phone book pages. 
Why? It just felt right at the time?

This was my half-way point, just a base to work from.
Then, from somewhere ...
I thought why not add a dozen John's?

I had recently viewed John's great video's
so I went back and did screen captures! 
(Nobody is safe!)

And above is first of the final three spreads ...

the center fold ...

and now it's ready to mail to Irene.
Three more artists to go.
It's been a great adventure.

A smile for Wednesday ...

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