Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 5: On "Day One" of this fledgling blog ...

On "Day One" of this fledgling blog I took a picture of the survivor orchid blooming in my yard. Today I looked out, and there are now three orchids. A family of survivors. I have taken their picture.

Years ago I used to buy orphaned plants at the grocery store for a quarter and take them home. Do they still sell them like that? I don't go to the grocery store as much anymore. Anyway, I would just find a spot in the yard where they would be watered and then they were on their own. Most of the time, they would go from the scrawny things I brought home, to thriving plants. One is now a tree. It wasn't that I had any magical touch, but it seemed that just being given a second chance did the trick? There's a moral in there somewhere.

I started today with a message from a favorite former student, Gaby. She is a beautiful, accomplished young lady who wrote to say she identified with my post on my proficiency in procrastination. When you put it like that, it almost seems like a skill? She has a high-powered job after a bachelor, master and doctoral scholastic career. This "blog-thing" may be alright when it results in my hearing from such special people. Thank you blog world.

I am going to try to post one of my pieces of artwork each day, just to give them a second chance? Sometimes we all need a second chance? This is a small collage, titled "rough".

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