Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 10 Have you ever had a "bad hair" day?

From time to time I am asked to teach classes at various venues. One such venue is the ARTbar.

The ARTbar is located in the historical Santora building, in the popular Artist's District in the Old Town part of Santa Ana, CA.  
 I had done design work for owner, Nicole Steinman for previous businesses, and was asked to design the identity, and subsequent advertising for the ARTbar.   I mention this, because it is a special place. It is a store, yes.  But it is more than classes and eye candy.  It makes art available to everybody, at whatever level needed.  
I am no longer on the payroll but I do teach classes occasionally, so this endorsement comes from the heart not the wallet.

In 2006, I was teaching one of my "Rip Roaring Collage" classes,  and was telling the students that they could reuse canvases.  To this point, I brought out a 24" x24" purple canvas with a really ugly red tulip, bought for $4 at a local thrift store.  I said I would attempt a collage and at the end of the class we critiqued my then titled,  "Bad Hair Day".

Ever had a bad hair day?

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