Sunday, July 8, 2018

Day 2173: Scattered thoughts on a Saturday morning.

Haru: ink brush & wash on book page.

Want music?


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Saturday morning, even sounds good, right?

While on Grand-puppy duty, I am writing during 
one of the divine rest periods that follow Zo's maniacal
(usually 90 minute) routine of running in circles, 
attacking plants and Laker with airborne maneuvers,
rocket speed & the attention span of a gnat! 
Poor, patient Laker. 

(Laker, age 7: "I thought I was retired!")
These are the perfect silences that follow. 
The kind when your baby was finally peacefully asleep and 
you would gladly eviscerate anyone making noise that would 
waken the child. Yes, that's been eons ago, but I remember.

Their A/C is whirring,  GH#3 is still asleep upstairs as I write. 
GH#2 left for work at 9:30 am; Grand-hunk-friends 
Chris & Jordan left for their job at 8:30 am. 
The latter three spent the night, as their power was off in Tustin. 
That might have meant mine too, but home now
and all is fine, quiet and warm.
When I am at their house, I enjoy their gigantic tv's 


and all the movie capabilities, Friday GH#3 put 
the movie Coco on for me, before he left for work
What a great movie.


I finished my big book, it was great. 
Who recommended it to me? You were so right!

I have started on my new book.

and guess who found it inviting?!! Irresistible in fact!

Luckily, Zo only got to the preface 
before GH#3 rescued it for me.
I'm using the torn scrap as a bookmark.

I didn't leave their house in three days, 
I am a hermit house-sitter.

A smile for Sunday ...

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