Saturday, July 7, 2018

Day 2172: Dry heat they say.

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Sitting here in glorious air-conditioning.
Even the dogs are enjoying it. 
They want to go out, and when I open the door  ...
 the Anaheim  Hills 111' oppressive heat pushes in! 
Laker & Zo go out for a bit, take care of business 
and sniff around, but soon return.

I thought back to when I was in high school, living with my Dad.
We didn't have air-conditioning. We survived by closing all the window early morning, pulling shades to keep the house dark and cool from the previous evening. It kinda worked. About 6 pm when the house had finally heated up, we opened windows 
and waited for the evening to cool.

A dry heat they say, humidity 9% they say, 
possible heat lightning in the high dessert, they say.
Hot is hot, right?

Puppy Update:

We three were up today at 5:45 am ...
the dog's energy fully recharged after six hours of sleep.
Grandma's not so much.
I'm guessing, but it felt like 95' outside at 6am.
After eating and other duties, they rested about 10 minutes, tops,
before launching into Puppy Olympics.


Zo's puppy toys scattered like a buffet.
They argued about everything.

Sometimes Laker would try to take a break, 
but usually not for long.


The running in circles around the ottoman, tackling, 
swatting, biting, growling continued for 90+ minutes. 

I watched, but never had to referee as Laker
(age7) is gentle but firm. Alpha dog wins, barely.

Zo is persistent and doesn't take no for an answer.

Eventually they stop and crash ... a heavenly silence.

Grandma crashes too. No photos, thankfully.

A smile for Saturday ...

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