Friday, February 16, 2018

Day 2031: Yudansha Training

Teacher: old photo, collage & digital

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The Thursday before the annual Goodwill International tournament
is always a Yudansha Training, black belt only training.
Because of the numbers, it is divided into Sho-dans, first degree black belts. 
The second group for Ni-dan or second degree.
The last group is for San-dan or third degree and above.

In this group we had 47 training in the 
kata, Gojushiho with Thanh Nguyen & Ken Nishiki.
After the final training we changed to go eat.

This year we met at  Santa Buffet & Grill in Santa Ana.

Mark Martinez accepting for Santa Ana dojo

Demura Sensei gave dojo awards ...

Roy Center accepting for Costa Mesa dojo

Venezuela, Japan, England, Germany, Canada, Florida, 
Kansas, Minnesota, New Jersey, Georgia, Pennsylvania,
North Carolina, Indiana, Colorado & more on the way.

Always hungry after workouts, happy yudansha ...

enjoyed a huge buffet selection and unlimited sushi!

Fun to eat, visit & enjoy each other after the workouts.

Three more busy days ahead.

Celebrating ...

Thank you Demura Sensei!

A smile for Friday ...

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