Friday, August 18, 2017

Day 1849: A new lunch venue!

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Valerie and I were on for lunch. 
At least once a month, or we go into withdrawal.
We were overdue. Valerie had been busy traveling all over.
Today was the day, and Val had found a new venue?

Just across from MBBQ on busy Chapman Avenue, adjacent to 
Cal State Fullerton, where there are lots of food choices.

We attended during a soft opening ...
and the hard part was choosing from a great menu.

Clean, simple & soon to be very crowded.

Everything is fresh, dough, noodles & dumplings ...

and all made as you watch.

We watched the fresh produce being delivered.

Valerie's Tomatoes, eggs, green onions & noodles    My Japanese pork rib, bok choy, cilantro & noodles
Hard decisions, but we made good choices.

Shredded potato salad (above) so yummy & different.

Handmade dumplings, made behind glass.

Chili sauce so hot it cures a cold on the spot!
And a variety of drinks in a jar to put out the fire.

Fresh watermelon juice                                                              iced passion fruit green tea

Can you tell we liked it?
We plan to go again, 
there are so many things we still want to try.
And, Valerie has been promoted to CVO ... 
Chief Venue Officer. ♥

Noodle Street
Asian Fusion Restaurant · Fullerton, California
2323 E Chapman Ave Ste B, Fullerton, CA 92831
Open  · 11AM–10PM
Phone: (657) 217-5664

A smile for Friday ...

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