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Day 1843: Cousins at ISF ...

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When WW & I were in Indiana recently (here)  ...

the County Fairs were going on.

Abbi and Phlip
A lot of our young relatives participated there & now ...

Phlip & Abbi ready to go ...

some are at the

Abbi is 11 and this is her 3rd year in 4-H, 
but she was into pre-4-H a couple of years before turning 10. 
One must turn 10 during the year to enroll in regular 4-H. 

Judge & Abbi with Phlop, Showmanship class Thursday, Indiana State Fair

Abbi showing Phlop,  Showmanship class Thursday, Indiana State Fair

Abbi's first year in 4-H her Mom, Jayna, 
bought her a ewe lamb.
She showed it as a lamb & yearling, 
going to State Fair both years. 
This year they had the ewe bred and she produced twins ...
a boy, Phlip and a girl, Phlop. (Flip & Flop, get it?)
Abbi showed both at 4-H County Fair, 
then with many tears, sold the boy at the auction. 
The girl, Phlop, is now at State Fair.

competition Friday, Indiana State Fair

Phlop & Abbi
Abbi & Phlop, winner

Abbi had six 4-H projects including sheep.

Weather: poster - Water Cycle
Foods: single un-iced layer cake
Clothing: green, blue, yellow, white dress
Ceramics - Colorful Snail


 My cousin Katha was active in 4-H when we were kids.
She had a wall full of blue ribbons and 
purple Grand Champion ribbons. I always admired 4-H.

The boys were competing in the ATV/Motocross 
races held at fair, but this was not in a 4-H competition.

Eli age11, riding #31, Ayden age 7,riding #11.

Sights from the fairgrounds ...

Photography by cousin, Curt Davis!
AKA: Super Dad/Grandpa

This years 2017 Indiana State Fair theme is ...

"We all love food. We grow it, sell it, cook it and eat it!"
And at the 2017 Indiana State Fair we will celebrate it 
with a featured food each day of the Fair 
from Aug. 4 to Aug. 20. 
All the featured foods will include a spotlight 
on Indiana farmers who produce the various items. 
Fair-goers will be able to enjoy samples, 
cooking demonstrations, food eating contests, 
fun recipes to share and so much more. 
The dates and featured foods include:

Aug. 4 – Deep Fried Food (Soybean Farmer)
Aug. 5 – Melon (Melon Farmer)
Aug. 6 – Popcorn (Popcorn Farmer)
Aug. 7 – Salsa/Ketchup (Tomato Farmer)
Aug. 8 – Egg (Egg Farmer)
Aug. 9 – Pork Burger (Pig Farmer)
Aug. 10 – Funnel Cake (Wheat Farmer)
Aug. 11 – Cheese (Dairy Farmer)
Aug. 12 – Beef (Beef Farmer)
Aug. 13 – Ice Cream (Dairy Farmer)
Aug. 14 – Apples (Apple Farmer)
Aug. 15 – Mint (Mint Farmer)
Aug. 16 – Corn Dog (Corn Farmer)
Aug. 17 – On-A-Stick Day (Tree Farmer)
Aug. 18 – Turkey Leg (Turkey Farmer)
Aug. 19 – Pickles (Cucumber Farmer)
Aug. 20 – Honey (Beekeeper)

I thought you might enjoy the mental picture?
They say a little drooling is good for the digestion? 

Wishing you a happy weekend!

A smile for Saturday ...

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