Thursday, June 15, 2017

Day 1785: You get better junk mail, she said.

pc10, junk mail collage & digital postcard

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A while ago I got a comment from a blog reader!
That's really big stuff to me, as I don't get many comments.
This comment was "you get better junk mail than I do!"
I think I responded defensively, "no I don't!" ;o)
But when a recent email said the same,
I decided to show you that I get the same stuff you do!

Especially on Wednesday's when the mailbox is full!
So before I toss them out, I use a ruler & tear out  ...

the blocks of colored areas that I think I might use.

I even love the text, numbers, $, % etc ... a bonus.
So you see, we do get the same junk mail?
Now to put it to use ...

step 1

ink pen & watercolor

step 2

add junk mail collage

step 3

 a touch of Montana marker. Done.
Could have cleaned it up a bit, but didn't.
One more ...

step 1

just watercolor ...

a little ink brush & started adding junk mail ...

step 3

what started out to be hair, turned into a hat?
Sometime I am not in control?

And my desk is a mess!

Throwback Thursday ...

Pittsburgh, PA 1984, Pat Sanchez, Demura sensei & Mark Martinez

A smile for Thursday ...

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