Friday, June 2, 2017

Day 1772: the last of the red nose people ...

Josephine 2, collages , old photo & digital

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And, the last of the red nose people, 
see earlier red nose people here.

If we look a bit worn, the noses were given 
after a rough day class with Demura sensei.

Red noses were to raise funds for vaccines & food for children

75 degrees, overcast, Santa Ana, CA


me vs google?  Not a fair match! 
Google wants people who want to see my blog to "follow" it. 
Then they send you the daily link. 
 I have family & friends who don't want a web footprint, or 
just don't want to be bothered, so I have been sending a daily 
bcc / e-mail with the blog link for their convenience. 
It has grown in number & now Google has tagged it as spam or unwanted, and returns it to me, instead of you. So I get this.

I am mentioning this to you so you will know why you don't get it, 
and how to get to it if you want it. I never meant to be a nuisance. 
If you are tired of it all, I understand.
the easiest is to bookmark or save this link:
it will take you to that day's post and you can scroll back to previous posts if wanted.

I also link daily from my Facebook page here:
Or, you can google me, the blog will come up.
I apologize, I'm so sorry for any inconvenience. 

tough being little

A smile for Friday ...

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