Friday, March 17, 2017

Day 1695: The making of a crowd.

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Last Sunday while @ work for ASW here
we had some really cute customers, so ...
I tried some cards & postcards of them.


This is my version of Anthony & Victoria.
I could never get hired as a character artist!
Anthony looks younger than in real life
& Victoria looks older. 
And while at the ASW sale I needed postcards,
my usual Strathmore paper was sold out, so
I bought 3 packages of this heavy 4x6" watercolor paper ...

I tore out all 15 pages of 2 packages 
& started making my "crowd" with an ink brush. 
Ink is step 1.

A big difference in paper!
I don't think of myself as being picky, I use junk mail after all,
but this w/c/ paper has a blotter-like quality that I didn't enjoy.

Ever thrifty, I also used the cardboard back of each pad.

When I added skin tone watercolor, it sunk into the paper 
more than I wanted, so even though I work quickly, 
I couldn't blend or be subtle.

So when it came to the background, it was really yucky!
I am not a water-colorist at all, so it was even harder.

Watercolor is step 2.

what a crowd?

Step 3 will be collage.

It is absolutely necessary for me to hoard great paper.
That's my story & I'm sticking to it!
Collage can cover a multitude of mistakes.

Oh, and I plan to return the third package ...
& apply it to the purchase of the much preferred ... 

Lesson learned.

Next week & the next ...

During this two day workshop, create a giant collage on canvas with direction and guidance
from Jacki Long. Using paint, paper, paint markers, gesso, mediums and more,
create a large mixed media painting.
REGISTRATION: $85. All materials provided.
Limited seats are available for these classes, so sign up today!

A smile for Friday ...


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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