Sunday, February 19, 2017

Day 1669: A love story.

Geneva & Otha, old photo & digital

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Continuing from my story of Uncle Les yesterday, here.
Their's was a special love story I think.
My source is my Mom. His youngest of five sisters.
She idolized him as did many. I pestered her for more stories.
I called on Cousin Katha, our family historian, for verification.
Uncle Les with his wonderful humor, was a very popular man.
He finally met & eventually married Geneva.

I called her Aunt Tillie, I don't know why?
Aunt Tillie was a fancy lady & maybe a bit high maintenance.

I don't know how long they were married, a year I think.
Aunt Tillie didn't cook or do housework. Uncle Les did.
But they had differences & divorced.
They went on & both married other people. 
Over time they were unhappy with their new mates 
& later divorced.
After that they realized they were better together.

They re-married & lived the rest of their life ...
happily ever after.

A love story. ♥
What do you think?

A smile for Sunday ...

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