Saturday, February 18, 2017

Day 1668: Another story.

Uncle Les, old photos & digital

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Friend Julie, who I claim as relative, posted this ...

Julie is always one to comment on my family stuff, & I do 
seem to get the best response to Dad's & other family stories.
So I thought I'd tell you about Uncle Les.

Born into a family of 5 boys & 5 girls. 3 boys died too early.
Uncle Les was the oldest boy, second from right, top row. 
Also known as Otha & Brownie, but I called him Uncle Les.

high school graduation
age 5

It was in his teens, when Uncle Les wanted to be 
good at the games of skill at the county fairs. 
The story my Mom (his youngest sister) told me was 
that Grandpa helped his son make similar games 
on their farm so that Les could practice. 
Later, after a lot of practice, he was evidently so skilled 
that the various booths would shut down 
when they saw him coming. I always liked that story.

Agua Caliente, Mexico 1931
Long Beach,CA 1931

Santa Monica, CA 1941

Uncle Les had a wonderful sense of humor, 
& all his nieces, loved being with him.

Lebanon, Indiana 1942

I wanted to share his love story, but since I try
to keep this silly blog under a 1 minute read ...
I hope you'll tune in tomorrow for that?

A smile for Saturday ...

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