Friday, December 30, 2016

Day 1618: That's age speaking! ;o)

"you", a silly scribble drawing & collage journal page

Wednesday I was invited to dinner with great friends Jean & Craig.
We talked  & talked till the waiter was putting chairs on the tables.
More talking on the way home & hugs before I came inside.
Then I reached for my phone in my wallet, and no wallet!
Jean & Craig had just left, so out of habit,
I reached for my i phone to text! No wallet! No i phone.
I came in & used the land line to call Craig's cell phone.
I wanted to catch them before they got too far.
A polite female voice said that his cell number 
was not receiving calls & to try again later?
I tried Jean's cell, a different female voice said 
her phone was not set up for messages?
I called their home phone, which also had a pleasant female
voice saying that number is not receiving calls & to try again later?
Pulling out the "big guns" I called their son Brandon.
His phone was not receiving calls but I left a message?
I called daughter Megan, who also was not receiving calls. 
I did a group e-mail saying ...

HELP? I can't do much, you have my wallet ...

I can't text, you have my i phone, 

I can't drive, you have my DL, 

I can't buy anything , you have my cc and $$$ ...


All this is kinda funny if you had read the comment I wrote
in response to Julie Berliner's blog here ... 
she had been worried about lost apps & a newsletter due. 
I said... "I almost commented on your last post that ...
most of the things we worry about never happen
and if & when they do happen, life goes on.
That's age speaking!

Postscript: By midnight I had all of the above back again. 
Life does go on.

How's your day rockin'?

A smile for Friday ...

The last Christmas smile, I promise.

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