Monday, December 19, 2016

Day 1607: Thanks, but crazy, right?

"Homestead", junk mail, old photo & digital journal spread

GH #3 asked me how many views per day I get on this blog.
I answered that when I started 1600+ days ago, it was a solid 15.
Lately it's been 450 - 550 per day, & I was happy.
Yesterday it was 859, today 1,084? 
I don't understand it, thank you, but crazy, right?

. . . 

This reminds me of a Dad story. 
Julie from Florida says she enjoys the Dad stories.
My Dad was a driver for the movie studios.
Seems one of the drivers got a new VW,
back in the 50's when they were new in the US.
My Dad being uber-thrifty, got one too, so I remember
when driver's actually honked when they saw another VW.

The first VW driver was so proud of his great mileage
 & I guess he bragged so much to the other drivers,
that the drivers decided to have some fun.
They went to his house at night unbeknownst to him,
and kept adding gasoline to his VW's tank.
His mileage was becoming bigger & better.
The man was ecstatic & made sure everyone heard about it. 
I don't remember how he finally found out the truth,
but I do know for sure, 
my Dad did not provide the gasoline.

A smile for Monday ...

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