Saturday, December 17, 2016

Day 1605: Raquel's man

"urban crucifix", i photo & digital

At the recent sale, artist Ann (aka Raquel Welch) ...
bought some of my postcards, including this one.

step 1- 3 done earlier.

I told her that he wasn't really finished?
She didn't mind saying she liked his face.
I offered to finish it for her.
So today, I did, & tried to capture the steps.

step 4

Using a 1/2 page ad from today's OC Register for hair  ...


I started, not really knowing ...

step 5

how much he needed or wanted?

step 6

eyebrows or not? It's all just playtime. 


step 7

Almost done.

I usually pick random scraps to add collage to the background, 

step 8

... just a little. Done. 
Ready to go home with Raquel.

. . .

Wanna know my theory?
If you really look at the face above & most of the faces that I do
you will likely notice that they are a bit, or a lot, "wonky"?
I am not very skilled, but I am brave to try.
So, on Raquel's man above, the glasses are miss-matched.
His eyes are uneven. His eyebrows are up really high.
(Or else he is really surprised?) His nose is crooked.
But he works (I think) because of the collage.
I think the uneven-ness of the added paper ...
softens your eye's expectation of reality.
This is just my theory.

So there!

A smile for Saturday ...

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