Saturday, December 10, 2016

Day 1598: Definitely TMI, but it happened.

Girl 5,  ink, watercolor & junk mail collage postcard for MaryAnn

A garage update, in case you're wondering? Or even if you're not?
November 18th I stepped into standing water in my garage.
November 21 a plumber finally arrived.
In the meantime I threw out lots of water-soaked frames etc.
In fairness, some needed to go!
November 22 they located the leak (a neighbor, not mine)
& cut off that water line, re-routing through the ceiling.

This meant cutting drywall, plus removing all my wet drywall.
Same day, Flood Pro came in with 5 industrial size fans ...

which ran 24/7 for six days, turning the garage into a noisy sauna.
November 28 they came and removed the fans.
December 9 the drywall repair men arrived to replace drywall.
In order to do this, they needed to move my industrial steel desk, 
which I had added pegboard behind for tools.
Seems that in 20 years, the pegboard & weight of the tools 
have attached themselves to the desk?
Leverage, gravity, sagging ... whatever. 
My cousin Bob & our family engineers could explain.
Two strong men couldn't move the desk!
Luckily they found a way around it, and I now have walls.
Then there's the garage door, also steel, 
which was left open 2" to allow for hoses during all this, 
but now think that's the default position. 
So, seems like it should be an easy adjustment? It was.
Now they're finished & gone. I will move in & try to reorganize.
Trashing some, taking some to thrift store & storing the rest.
The goal is to get my car in tonight! 
If I sound self-pitying, I do realize it could have been worse.
It could have been inside the house! I don't have an illness.
So actually, I am blessed.
And, writing this helped a lot. Thank you for your patience.
Definitely TMI, but it happened.

A smile for Saturday ...

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