Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Day 1538: Costco, tires & a peach lemonade!

"print", junk mail collage

You may be thinking about now...
 I don't care what you did today! And that would be fair.
As always, feel free to scroll on to the smile below. ;o)
But some days I have to draw on what happened?
Today it was time to bite the bullet, I needed new tires!
I was at my Costco tire shop when they opened.

Sam checked, they didn't have my size.
He could order them and make an appointment for next week.

I asked him to check with a nearby bigger Costco.
He did, and they did, but no appointments, so I went there.
Stood in line for 25 minutes, paid, gave my keys and 
prepared for the estimated 3 hour wait. Nowhere to sit.
Costco's food court was closed for remodeling.
I walked a mile past Lowe's & Target etc. on to  ...

which looks like an old farmhouse, 

with a empty yard, patio table & chairs.

I found a wicker chair in the shade ...

and opened my book ...

 just making the best out of a beautiful day.

(sky view from my chair)

At 2 PM, on page 103,  I went in to Lucille's for lunch,

and ordered their famous peach lemonade & a burger!
At 2:45 Costco called that my car was ready. 
I brought home 1/2 a burger & 1/2 of my peach lemonade.
So guess what's for dinner?
Costco, tires & a peach lemonade, it could be worse.

A smile for Tuesday ...

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