Sunday, October 9, 2016

Day 1536: An very unusual Saturday Morning!

"despair", collage, photo & digital

fore-note: this blog, hopefully, is usually light, funny & quick!
I avoid politics & religion on principle. 
Not because I don't have opinions, but because I do. 
Today's blog is a little out of character, but I have decided to post it anyway.

An unusual Saturday morning. No plans.
I worked in my office, but felt chilled,
 & out of nowhere, decided to sit outside in the sun.
Now, I never do this. 
I put on ugly hat and sat down in direct sunlight.
As soon as I sat, I heard a noise. 
At first I thought it was a dog whining.
It was off and on, kind of muffled.
I started to do my daily morning prayers, a sort of list & meditation.
 I heard it again, listened & realized that ...
the noise was crying, sobbing actually.
The kind kids do when they are that point where they can't stop.
I could hear the pain & anguish underneath the noise. 
I don't think it was a child, but it was heartbreaking.
I wanted to help, but I couldn't tell where it was coming from.
I looked next door, over at the pool, upstairs, 
but couldn't find the source.
I am totally deaf in my right ear so have trouble locating sounds.
I wanted to say aloud, are you okay? 
And maybe I should have, but ...
my gut feeling at the time was that it was 
deeply personal & painful, and that I would be intrusive.
Easy to second guess now, but ...
at the time I decided to sit & do my prayers.
Right as I sat, the wail was louder as if in renewed pain.
I selfishly thought, no way you can pray listening to that.
I started, but asked God to help her/him, 
to give comfort & love to that hurting soul.
It was suddenly quiet. Honest! 
I listened to that silence & continued asking for guidance 
and direction, love & comfort to my hurting neighbor.
I continued on with my own prayers and meditation, 
but resurfaced to that quiet again & again.
You may say coincidence. Maybe.

Pacific Check for Lynn in Colorado ...

Grand-dog Laker, & Superman, Newport Beach, 10•8•2016. Catalina Island on the horizon

A smile for Sunday ...

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