Saturday, June 11, 2016

Day 1430: Revisiting the Redhead!

"Guy", collage, photo & digital

Recently artist Jan asked me ...
"does it stress you out to have an unfinished page in your journal? Just curious."
I responded, "
Thanks Jan, I love hearing from you. 
Evidently not, as I have a lot of unfinished journal pages! 
 Actually I think of it as fun, and get back to some, others still wait. 
This one seems a challenge as I don't like the page itself. 
I have seven others of the same approach yet to play with.

Dealing with a quirky back ache, I have had a sloth day today ...
reading, naps and watching the NBA finals ...
but I have been thinking about that redhead!
If you saw the blog (here) the redhead looked like this ...

and I knew I didn't like the spread, though I liked her okay.
Some of you were so kind and offered suggestions 
& even encouragement. I love you guys!
So I returned to it and started working on the background,

I didn't count the steps, but this is a lot of pieces
of very old 1977 newspaper, my favorite because
it is so old and porous that it crumbles and fits easily.

Now covering most of what I didn't like, 
 I already like it better than before ...
but still not sure what will come next?
I might work with graphite & give her a scene?
Or, not. Stumped again for now. Suggestions?

The nice thing about collage ...
it's never done till you stop.
Wishing you a lovely weekend.

A smile for Saturday ...
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