Thursday, June 9, 2016

Day 1414: A questionable step-by-step?

"redhead", collage & ink

How about an unfinished step -by-step?

collage tissue, sewing pattern & newspaper on 7.5 x 10" spread

Trying a newly introduced approach for a journal spread ...

adding black gesso & acrylics

and I am clearly out of my comfort zone. 
Which may be a good thing, I think?
This approach uses layers,
many layers, collage, acrylic, ink ...

then add a figure somewhere.

This process take more time than I usually spend,

close up of mulberry paper for hair

and I know it is not finished, but ...

I am currently stumped! 
I'll post it later if I can save it?

83 degrees, Santa Ana, CA

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

Costa Mesa Dojo, 1988


A smile for Thursday ...

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