Thursday, January 14, 2016

Day 1267: What do you do with your Christmas cards?

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Yesterday, I extolled the virtues of the grid, here.
Last night while listening to the State of the Union on tv ...
I drew a two page red grid in my journal...

I had a stack of 2015 Christmas cards, 
and you can't toss photo cards, right?
Family, friends, students ... I tore them all up
and fit them within the two-page grid.

Now for the close-ups ...

it took an hour ...

and I have them saved! Forever. In one place.
I know you probably don't know these faces, but ...
can't you picture your family & friends?
I think it's a easy fun thing to do while listening to tv.

So there. ;o)

Unreal Update to ...
Day 1265: I want a medal, a parade or something! here
Yesterday I called the company to get the missing campost.
She said they would send it in 10 -15 business days, 
and that if it didn't arrive by then to call again! 
But, today I went to put on my Uggs and felt something!
I shook it and out came the missing campost!
I had been wearing the Uggs during the assembly process, 
and my feet got hot! Don't ask, they just did.
Somehow a campost jumped into my Ugg!
Anyway, the 5 drawer rolling unit is now fully assembled!

And, I called the company to cancel the campost shipment.
The lady seemed to be in shock.
She thanked me so many times ... 
she said this had never happened before.
Maybe TMI, but just in case you were curious.

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

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A smile for Thursday ...

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