Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Day 1265: I want a medal, a parade or something!

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I do!
I want a medal, a parade or something!
In an attempt to better organize my work space ...
on Saturday night I bought this ...

a 5 drawer rolling storage unit.
The box was so heavy I had help getting it into my car.
Once home, (my significant other, my Mac Pro doesn't do lifting)
so I rolled an office chair up to my car and slid on the heavy box.
Then I rolled it through the garage to the door,
wheeled another office chair to that door and transferred it.
Already I was having second thoughts.
I got it to my studio, wrestled it open to find ...
 31 wooden sections, 170 parts & metal screws, + 4 castors.

I decided it could wait until Sunday. 
I have put together numerous IKEA products, but ...
this made IKEA look like Legos!

I started with the two side panels ...
ten shelf grooves & 20 (blankety-blank) Phillips screws!

Next the top, bottom, back and brace ...

then the rolling castors & 16 more #12 Phillips screws ...


 discouraged determination, too many details and then ...
 it was on to the five drawers,

it gradually started to happen.

"campost" shown at rights, left one is missing!

Then, when finishing the fifth drawer, 
I found that I am short one "campost"!

So until 1-855-250-4215 sends me extra camposts,
I have 4/5 of a 5 drawer rolling storage unit!


I am well aware that this is "TMI" big time, but ...
this was a huge time & patience investment so
I really need a medal, parade or something?
Don't you think?

68 degrees, Santa Ana, CA

A smile for Tuesday ...

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