Monday, October 12, 2015

Day 1173: So what did you do Sunday?

Football season, newspaper & old photo collage postcard

It's still hot here.
Someone didn't get the memo that it's Fall, October people!
97 degrees 9:15 AM Santa Ana, CA  (no A/C,  just 3 fans).

And, on a beautiful, very warm Sunday afternoon ...
 a trip to OLU ( Orange Lutheran High School).

Temperature 95 degrees, Orange, CA at 3 PM,

for Grandhunk #2's two varsity basketball games.
They won, both.


But. enough of this one-way rambling.
What did you do Sunday? 
 I know you're out there, Google says so. 
Yes, I'd really love to know.
Maybe some of you will humor me?
I'll be waiting.

A smile for Monday ...

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