Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Day 1014: A visit from Peyton & Stanley ...

(old drawing + collage = postcard)

A visitor from Florida came in the mail! A flat one actually.
Cousin Nancy's daughter, Denise's son,
Peyton sent me 
"Flat Stanley" ...
by snail mail. 
Easy since
he folds for mailing.
Part of a school project,
I am to show him 
California and 
my area & friends.
I added Peyton into "Flat Stanley's" pocket so he could go along too.

So far, they've seen Angel Stadium, the Getty, San Diego Zoo, 
San Juan Capistrano, Paso Robles, Newport Beach, 
Grandma's Park, Cal State Fullerton, the Tall Ships, 
Korean Friendship Bell & traffic lights on Jamboree.

And today ...
 a movie star ,
Demura Sensei  
and a handsome 
young man,
Where would you go if you could be folded into an envelope and mailed anywhere? ANYWHERE?

More trips ahead, but that's all for today. 
Stay tuned?

72'  in Santa Ana, CA.

A smile for Wednesday ...

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