Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 591: A visit to another hero ...

Up early to go to Santa Ana.
81 degrees at 10:20 AM

the invitation said ...

many,many unique items and non-traditional art supplies and as you can imagine, there is a wealth of exciting materials! These are all things that Janice had selected to make her artwork. PLEASE NOTE - none of Janice's artwork will be for sale. International and vintage paper, assemblage, collage, book-making and jewelry materials, vintage miscellanea. EVERYTHING MUST FIND NEW HOMES AND USES!

book by Janice Lowry, available

I have mentioned Janice Lowry in previous posts ... 

here,  here, here & here.

 An artist, teacher, inspiration, & friend taken in 2009.

The Smithsonian sought out Janice's journals for their collection!

So today was like a visit with a hero.

self-portait stamped envelope

I was lucky to be invited.

I brought home ... papers and goodies ...

that Janice had picked for her work. 

   And, I am honored.

A beautiful day with a hero.

A smile for Sunday ...

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