Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 13: I love to journal ...

I have always loved words.  I remember liking the shapes of 
letters even before I learned to read.Once I could write, it 
seemed such a gift.  To write your thoughts seemed magical.  
As a young girl, I had a diary, with a lock!  
Writing letters to relatives was a frequent activity.  
My point being,  I love the act of recording.  My journals 
were visually static, more penmanship that artistic.

At the turn of the century (wow) I was fortunate to meet an amazing woman, who became one of my life heroes.  
If you haven't heard of artist, journalist Janice Lowry
please check out her site.

The Smithsonian sought out her journals for their collection!

She taught me that I could be free to create whatever 

wanted in my journal.  What a concept! It was as if all the 

animals escaped the cages and I was off.  

This is today's page ...

Today it has a snippet about the Olympic Games, a little watercolor and not much writing.Tomorrow will be different. 
 I have attached a few sample pages.


Some days are less writing than others ... some more detailed.

I am currently nearing the end of journal 49 ...

There are so many, many ways to journal,  mine is mine. ;o)

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