Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 18 : How do the big guys do it?

Day 18 :  How do the big guys do it?

As I start today's blog,  I wonder ... how do "they" do it?  
They are the writers of blogs that I check in to read.  They obviously make it seem easier than it is for me.  This blog is turning out to be "monkey-brained" like me.  

I had a comment about my collages,  so I thought I might show 
a few earlier attempts.  Janice Lowry and I took a class where 
we were assigned to do a self portrait using found materials. 
I did this one,  and maybe because Janice liked it,  it has become my logo,  avatar or whatever.  At that time, I said it was me at 
age 75.  Now it looks more like me everyday.

I love to re-use and up-cycle.  I think my mother's view of never wasting anything stuck with me.   And so, to  re-use magazines 
and other miscellaneous papers is fun for me.  One of my early canvases was meant to be an Asian lady with a bob haircut, but "Dawn" emerged with dreads and winked at me! She has been a personal favorite ever since.

For several yearsI have been asked to do artist demonstrations 
at the Orange County Fair,  Fine Arts building. 
One year I started a large canvas,  titled "Survivor",
for all the ladies surviving breast cancer.

As before,  I am literally begging for comments.  
Please, let me know if you want more?
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