Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 288: A little koto music ...

Recently, when writing Day 275 on the ...
Piecemaker's "Junk in the Trunk" sale ...
I noticed an upcoming koto event.

Toshiko Ohkawa

The Japanese koto is traced back to the 7th century.
Originally played by the blind, as a court instrument ...
and later for priests and noblemen.

The koto is a  6' long,  hollow-bodied instrument
made of Paulownia wood.

Ohkawa-san sits at the top end of the koto and ...

plucks the 13 strings which are tied over ... 

stationary bridges at each end of the body.

The strings are plucked with three picks, called plectums.

The left hand bends, presses or pulls the strings.
The ji are movable bridges to vary the tones.

Ohkawa- san is also a kimono sensei.

Detail of the kimono.

Underneath the koto 
are two sound holes, 
one at each end.

The exquisite sound of the koto is a treat for the soul.

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