Friday, April 5, 2013

Day 252: A trip to the Wooden Floor ...

In Santa Ana, we are blessed with The Wooden Floor!

Created in 1983, The Wooden Floor is a nonprofit organization that annually gives 375 underserved local youth the tools to live fuller, healthier lives through a unique approach grounded in dance. They make a long-term investment in each of these young people. They engage in intensive dance education supported by academic and family services that change the way they make decisions, helping them to discover and pursue their potential.

Since 2005, they are proud that 100 percent of their young artists graduate from high school on time and go on to pursue higher education. This is about three times the national average for their socio-economic peers.

Tonight's program to give sponsors a sneak peak into their approach to dance-making, 

including questions and answers with young cast members, studio performances,  and Choreographer, Mark Haim and Artistic Director, Melanie Rios Glaser.

This is a group I support. I am impressed by their dedication & total support for students.

I look forward to their Annual Spring Concert ...

dynamic energy, movement, color ... pure eye and soul candy! 
See a one minute video at:

And so ends a wonderful evening at the Wooden Floor.

A really great organization.

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