Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 227: Mission (not-quite) impossible?

B&E had a noon Laker game. 

Jordan is still on his 6 day mission trip for O.L.H.S.

My task, and I did decide to take it, go to ASC 

and watch Jakes's game at 10 AM ...

then take 
Jake and Zack 
to CL for lunch,

but have Zack back at ASC at 12:30 for his 1PM game.
After which I was take them home, parents home soon.
That was doable, and I did it.

Sidebar: yesterday's blog mentioned IFAC.
While there I had some innocuous black Chai Tea.

Anybody who knows me, will say I am a ...
mellow, if not a slow-metabolism person.
I was awake till 5AM! 

And though I am not sure it was the tea, what else?
So the above schedule was operating on 3 hours sleep.
Sometimes I amaze myself.

Postscript: if it was the tea ...
I need to order a case!
But take it early AM.
I'll let you know.

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