Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 217: A Graffiti Grandma? Really?

Well,  Yes I am ...
I am lucky to live near Art Supply Warehouse,
and they offer classes ...

Give me markers or spray paint and ...
I am a happy camper.
Give me Montana markers & paper to play
for two hours ... I am in heaven!

I didn't know Vyal, but $10? I'm in.

Vyal, behind my graffiti
Now I am his #1 fan.

About 20 artists watched Vyal demonstrate,

demonstration by Vyal
then we got busy.

by Jason Gardner
by 20 year old college student

by Lisa Englebrecht. Yes, the Lisa Englebrecht!

Vyal business card decal

by Cartoon Network artist

by Cartoon Network artist

After class Vyal did a large canvas ...

using just spray paint ...

in just a few minutes ...


I will post my graffiti tomorrow.

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