Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 170: "Brownie points" for hiking!

My daughter is a trainer. 
And as such, she would like me to walk, daily.
Trouble is, I am getting pretty good at lazy.
But, this morning I woke up with the wild idea ...
of hiking Peters Canyon Regional Park!

This 354 acre natural wilderness is just 3 miles from me.

So I paid my $3.
for a parking
permit, grabbed
my trusty
walking stick
(brought home
from a Junior
Olympics trip
years ago)
       and I was off.

Wildlife include
mule deer,
bob cats, 
and the 
mountain lion.
Smaller amphibians,
mammals and
reptiles abound.
I only saw birds,
and a hawk. 

and just three miles from home!
I am so grateful, in so many ways.

This is the prettiest tree of the day.

I kept thinking, this is glorious!

They had a bench at the top of this hill for me.
I used it to call my daughter for "brownie points".

My i-phone took a panorama, on it's own!
I didn't even know mine could do that! 
Smart phone. Great view!
You may see snow on mountains in the distance?

I forgot to mention ... horses.

My car is where you can see buildings.
Arrowhead and Big Bear in the distance.

Hardest part ... going down this steep convex path.

Can ou see my path? "Brownie points"!

Looking west,  towards Newport Beach.

Coming down,  closer to the lake.

And even took time for a few close-ups.

The park has Sycamores, rare black willows, 
cottonwood, grasslands, coastal sage scrub
home to resident and migrating waterfowl.

The tunnel path heading back to the entrance.

And, I kept the speed limit.
So I will try some other trails next time.
And there will be a next time.
I need "brownie points"!

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