Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day 158: ... in a timely manner?

It's time!

I must get the decorations down.
I want all signs gone before 2013!

except the plants, of course, they're family.

I'm talking wrapping paper, cards,
name-tags, window lights etc.

But then Grandson # 3 says lets go hit golf balls.
Christmas clean-up?  Time with Zack?  Easy choice.

Zack in center, Cal State Fullerton golf tem star at left

Local driving range is busy with men of all ages.

CSF golf team star

Zack (12) "likes to hit things", and has power to spare.
 He hit the "cowboy"!
Bucket of balls, $5.
1/2 bucket from the CSF star, bonus!

It was really cold.
We had rain approaching.

So by the time we got home ...

The aftermath of a lot of afternoon rain was ...

and ...

and on Saddleback Mountain ... snow!

See, I told you it was cold!

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