Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 66: I climbed to heaven.

As I mentioned in Day 55 post, I visited Yogyakarta.
The morning of our flight I asked what we would see there? 
They said, Oh, you're going to the Borobudur!" 
I had never heard of this amazing destination.

A disclaimer: I copied this 1990 magazine fold out for you but the pages discolored differently? 
I don't want to lose my Photoshop rating! ;o)

The Borobudur Temple in Java sank and was covered 
with volcanic eruptions for over a thousand years.  
This really is what it looked like as we approached.

My Dad chose to stay on the bus with A/C.
The temple is huge, ten levels, with steep stairways. 

Steps were 12" high and 8" deep, so the foot had to be angled.

Our guide said making it to the top ensured going to heaven.

I was determined.

Each pupa held a buddha, each with different 
hand positions depending on the direction faced.

Two hours later, I was in heaven.

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