Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 55: Once upon a time ... in 1990!

My Dad called me on his 80th birthday.
He'd travelled all over the world, but hadn't been to Asia.
He said he would pay my way if I would go with him, 
otherwise he would go alone.

We left on a special three week tour. 
We never carried our bags. 
They were delivered to our hotel room,  picked up at our room 
to be delivered to our next destination. Talk about luxury. 
I had never travelled that way, and probably won't again.

From Los Angeles we visited Japan, Hong Kong, Macaw, 
China, Bali, Yogyakarta, Singapore, Bangkok, Seoul.
Today's pictures will be from Hong Kong.


I don't hink I have ever seen my Dad happier 
than riding the "Junk" in Hong Kong Harbor.
He said it was just like in the movies.

This was one view from the water. 
Three levels of Hong Kong living.

I took so many pictures, and later did digital compositions.

I paid for a side trip to China.

This was from a farm in China, where grain was spread to dry.

On our way home, My Dad thanked me for going with him.
I thanked him too, but said he didn't really give 
me a choice since he said he would go alone. 
He said, "Oh, I wouldn't have". ;o)

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