Saturday, November 12, 2016

Day 1570: "I climbed back into myself and carried on".

Lauren's Birthday card, collage & ink

"I climbed back into myself and carried on"
I wish I had said this, but I didn't.
I follow, love & appreciate Carol Mulvenon's blog here,
and the above is from it. 
I am not trivializing the pain I see, feel & share 
from so many friends and even strangers.
It's tangible & needs to be acknowledged. 

A short story.
As a senior in college & newly married ...
I was blindsided by the "Cuban Missile Crisis",
from my view,  impending war & the end of the world.
Our landlady, a kindly, ancient-seeming soul saw me,
and sensed something amiss. 
I told her I had a final to take, 
but had decided there was no point even going.
She sat beside me & patted my knee,
and though I can't remember her exact words
she convinced me to take my final and live on.
I recognize similar feelings now.

Our big guy, GH#1 is home from AZ for the long weekend
& we will celebrate his birthday from a week ago.

GH#!'s tiny birthday card w/$, envelope 2x2"

13 of us got together for a celebration dinner at 

We were celebrating Jordan's 19th & Lauren's 40th birthday.

Family nights are terrific!

Group hugs from Grandhunks ... priceless!

GH#3, me, GH#2 & GH#1

And, then some outtakes, like at the movies...

snapchat specials with WonderWoman

I told you, this whole family is crazy!

A smile for Saturday ...

(WonderWoman sent this to me ...)

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