Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Day 1567: The answer to almost everything ...

The answer to almost everything ...
"unplug it, wait & plug it back in."
In my little "Mom & no Pop" advertising agency,
I am tethered to an Epson scanner & a cheap-y Epson printer,
(I have a big boy Epson large format, but rarely use it).



My significant other, my big guy 2006 MacPro, who is ...
 aging, slowing to snails pace & un-upgradable. 

Then there's this brand new flashy top of the line, 
lots of bells & whistles MacPro laptop, 
& I am experiencing a huge learning curve.

A few days ago I clicked on a file & accidentally
selected more than 50 files on my old guy desktop, 
most of which contained more than 50 files!
MacPro 2006 was frozen, cardiac arrest!


I tried all my secret escape key combinations, 
unable to even force quit, even with Meg's help. ;op
Tina, a supervisor with Apple Care eventually rescued me.
Today, my Epson XP-410 (cheaper than the ink it uses!)
started having a fit, telling me to replace magenta ink.
I did & it told me to replace the magenta ink!!
We were mutually disgusted with each other.
So, I unplugged it, waited and plugged it back in."
We currently are at a truce!

Can somebody please unplug the political landscape?

A smile for Wednesday ...

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