Sunday, November 6, 2016

Day 1564: The day during and the day coming.

"nyc", I phone photos, collage & digital

Do you live in the moment?
I try. Really I do.
Have you noticed someone has turned up the tempo lately?
Can't quite figure out who, but I think I am on to why.
There seems to be an urgency to fit in a lot of stuff ...
maybe related to upcoming holidays, or ending the year?
I am not sure, but I wish they would ease up!
I want to enjoy today, and I have, most of it.


I met artist/friends Irene & Brian for ...

in Westminster, CA at ...

for a lecture on surface mediums, primers, 
acrylics, gel mediums, hard body, soft body, 
viscosity, varnishes, brushes, spray paint, texture,

color theory, light, clear, heavy duty gesso, glazing, 
tints, gloss, matte, ultra matte, slow dry mediums, 
glazing mediums and more. So much more. 
So, given my inclination to be ...

I did what I hope my Grandhunks don't do during a lecture ...
I got out my phone! To check the time ...
 which hadn't moved since checking my watch.
Then I looked down at the floor to keep from rolling my eyes,
and I saw my bag ...

how cool is that? Distraction in progress.

This is being in the moment, right?  Kinda?

And besides, Brian is taking great lecture notes ...
on his phone! He'll share. Win - win!


Home mid-afternoon and a visit from ...

I usually visit them, but today they came here. 
Another win.


After I finish this silly blog, I will switch gears.
Lay out my navy blazer, grey slacks etc. for 
Sunday's 51st Annual Shito-Ryu Genbu-Kai
Inter-dojo Karate Tournament.
More on that in Monday's Day #1565 blog post.

Thanks so much for visiting ...
your comments mean the world to me. Really!

A smile for Sunday ...

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