Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Day 1518: A building break?

"wedes", I-phone photo & Photoshop

Even though I have a ton of NYC photos yet to share,
I am taking a break to share a day with the Eastside ladies.

Jody, me, Linda, Erin, Sherrill & Libby

There are really 9 in our group, all artists.
Tuesday we were 6 & met at Libby's Blue Denim Design.
part of Dragonfly Studios in downtown Orange.
You can see Libby's beautiful fiber artwork here & here.

Each month a member artist teaches us an art project.
Libby taught us cyanotype process.

Working on both paper and fabric.

We learned how to use the sun to design, in reverse.

this involved washing out the dye and drying.

Using photographs, plant life, stencils ...

drawings & imagination ...

and fun!

We broke for lunch and tried to take a selfie ...

it was a comedy ...
and, I thought you'd enjoy

seeing the crazies!

Can you tell we have a lot of fun?

A smile for Wednesday ...

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