Thursday, June 23, 2016

Day 1428: I'm not sure if it's the ripping or the speed, but ...

"Win", shipping tape collage on postcard

I'm not sure if it's the ripping or the speed, but
to collage with shipping tape is really fun!
I mentioned it yesterday, here, and ...
was asked by cousin Michelle to do a step-by-step? 
You asked, so I'll try.

All you need is clear shipping tape, 
mine is Scotch brand from Costco.

Magazines, newspaper, junk mail ... paper.

High gloss, processed, varnished papers may resist the tape.
In my opinion,  cheaper, thinner papers work best.

Then a substrate, or whatever you want to do your collage on.
I am going to use the above 4.5 x 6" postcard ...

lay the strapping tape on top of the area you want to pick up
(heavier paper may need to be burnished) ... then rip it up!

step 1

Apply the tape to the substrate.
You can't completely control what adheres to the tape,
but I think that's part of the fun?

step 2

The tape that doesn't adhere paper, adheres to the substrate.


No limit on how many layers.

step 4 - 9

Not great, I didn't plan ahead so it's really random.


There seems to be a learning curve ... or ripping curve?

step 11

Obviously not an expert, but I am having fun ripping & layering.
Are you going to try it? I'd love to know.

junk mail collage on the reverse, address side of above postcard

BTW: There is a popular technique also using shipping tape,
adhering the tape onto the area to be transferred,
then wetting the tape and rubbing off the adhered paper.
The remaining image on the tape is a transparent transfer. 
A more accurate copy & with more time involved.
This is not that, but a different effect.

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

The young WonderWoman, 1982, blue belt

A smile for Thursday ...

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