Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Day 1427: When you're supposed to do something, but ...

"journal #87" cover collage

Today, I set aside the entire day to prepare for tomorrow's
Eastside presentation. It is my turn to present & share.
We will be working on a variety of faces.
So, I came in ready to get supplies ready etc...
and then I got sidetracked!

Do you ever do that?
It's almost as if I sabotage myself!
I saw this strapping tape & a nearby magazine ...

and I was gone!
A collage using strapping tape as my medium.
 So my current journal #87, which looked like this ...

8.5 x 11" 220 page journal

now looks like this!

8.5 x 11" 220 page journal cover, after

And, I love it.
An hour and a half detour of fun!
Have you ever tried this technique?
Artist Valerie Kemp taught me, and ever since ...
if I see strapping tape ... I'm gone!
I still have most of the day to get my work done, unless ...
What do you think?

A smile for Wednesday ...

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