Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Day 1378: Senior moments and Grandhunk #1!

Never safe, digital collage & photography

Every so often, you have to expect ...
this daily blog will be about family!


Tuesday night was Jordan's last varsity VB game ...
as a senior AT OLU. 


An OLU tradition, to announce graduating senior team members.

and their family.

We had a big group to watch #42's last game.

16 out of the eventual group of 24

All wearing matching t-shirts ...

t-shirt back
t-shirt front

as a surprise for #42 and to celebrate!

Grandparents, Hoda & Mike

A great evening ...

and a great game.

I was blessed to be present when Jordan was born, 
eighteen years ago at just 22 inches long ... 

hard to realize that this young man is now 6'5".

Good job Superman and WonderWoman!

A smile for Wednesday ...

in front of me today, 5/3/2016  Tustin, CA

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