Friday, January 1, 2016

Day 1254: An Aussie memory ...

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TMI alert!
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I went to 7 schools in 12 grades. I was a shy kid.
So when we moved to Australia, as mentioned here,
at age 11, in a new school, I just wanted to fit in.

To that end, I inhaled the Australian accent within a week.
My Mother was amazed but she never acquired the lingo.

Four years later, back in America,
I started public school at John Marshall High School.
Still shy and with the same goal of fitting in.

The first day, in Geometry class, Mrs. Hovey called on me.
As was the custom in Australia, I stood to answer.
Not only that, but my Australian accent was unusual!
Every head in the room swiveled to stare at this oddity.
I didn't vaporize, but I tried and would have, gladly.

Mrs. Hovey asked me to stay after class.
When every one had left, she kindly said ...
"You won't need to stand to answer."
She wasn't a very popular teacher, but to me she was.
That's probably why I still remember her name, 50+ years later.

Postscript: I lost that Aussie accent in record time!

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