Sunday, November 8, 2015

Day 1200: I met Katie and yes she does glow!

charcoal & graphite journal page

As mentioned in yesterday's blog (here)
I am lucky to be taking a two day weekend class
with the well known & popular teacher, Katie Kendrick.

Held at Jennie Doh's Crescendoh Studio in 
the wonderful downtown Artist District of Santa Ana, CA.

Just as I had always heard, Katie is a fabulous teacher.

initial sketch on canvas

Caring, giving, knowledgeable, inspiring and kind.

Demonstration canvas by Katie, in progress

After a morning orientation, 

our first exercise was with charcoal & graphite ...

some of the class work with charcoal & graphite

Next, we used charcoal & graphite to start our canvas ... 
drawn from an image and eventually adding color.

 17 artists guided by Katie to individual expressions.

Mitzi, Dede, Leslie, Laura, Lisa, Jennifer, Andra, Traci & Terry

Working with layers ...

by Zayra Yves

the work was constantly changing.
by Josie Hamilton

So enjoyable to have eight hours to let work evolve ...

by Irene Rafael

in the nourishing, relaxed environment of Crescendoh Studio.

close ups of Laura's canvas

Watching so many different artists work was inspiring.

close up of Chris's canvas

Chris & Josie at work

Katie gifted each class members with a copy of her recent work, 

and a bound Bristol book & a handmade collage booklet for ...

sketches and notes.

Ida, 24 x 24 x 4" canvas, graphite & acrylic

Really a great day, and we are all looking forward 
to another eight hours tomorrow.
And yes, Katie Kendrick really does glow!
Wishing you a wonderful Sunday too.
Thanks for stopping by.

A smile for Sunday ...

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