Saturday, November 7, 2015

Day 1199: A weekend commitment ...

Joe, photo, collage digitized

This time tomorrow, or now as you read this, 
I will be in a two day, eight hour class.
Saturday and Sunday, 9 to 5PM.
Layers of Movement with Katie Kendrick

What a lovely face, doesn't she just glow?
This will be a first for me, and I am hoping to learn & glow. 
I have a hefty supply list to assemble today ... 
  • White gesso (16 ounce jar)
  • Black gesso
  • Clear gesso
  • 3 or more pieces of medium vine charcoal (different thicknesses)
  • 2 large substrates 24 x 24 inches canvas or larger
  • 2 large sheets of #80 Bristol paper (or other painting paper)
  • Heavy body acrylic paints, 4 ounces each (2) red, (2) yellow, (2) blue, 
  • titanium white, and any other colors you like in heavy or fluid acrylics
  • Paint brushes - large ones- 2 of each, 1", 1.5", 2" (chip brushes or foam brushes & some smaller brushes
  • Mark making tools - sticks, bubble wrap, string, etc., things around the house
  • Mini foam paint roller or soft brayer
  • Collage paper scraps
  • Gel medium or PVA glue
  • Painting apron
  • Painting rags and/or roll of paper towels
  • Palette (freezer paper taped to cardboard)

Wish you were here to help me get it all together!
Imagine me lugging all this in while trying to glow ?
Wish me luck?

A smile for Saturday ...

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