Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Day 1181: Eavesdropping on two ladies ...

"Takes a long time", postage stamps, & paper collage postcard

While waiting, trapped in a grocery store line, 
I heard two ladies talking about Halloween decorating.
I listened to their plans, each topping the other.
Then I thought back to when WonderWoman was little 
and we were also into all that.
Her Dad, Thor, once dressed up like Frankenstein,
amazing big kids and terrorizing the wee ones.
I piped creepy organ music outdoors at trick or trick time.
I hung strings of fishing line for spider webs in the pathway!  
Wow! We did all that? Yes, and gladly.
Then my mind came back to my current reality ...

above is my total Halloween decor, and I like it!
I guess it's all relative, right?
What's up at your house?

80 degrees, Santa Ana, Ca

For those who guessed on the three submissions 
from yesterday's blog, I used only two of the three faces ..

most of you thought all three faces, 
so I may have picked wrong?

A smile for Tuesday ...

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