Thursday, August 13, 2015

Day 1113: Seattle and a ferry line.

private, mixed media collage

 I hope you're back from here
to see more of my most excellent adventure?
Friday evening, after getting through Seattle traffic 
Irene, Brian & I arrived at John Arbuckles's beautiful home. 
I did ask John's permission to photograph there,
so I could share some treasures with you.

Everywhere you look, eye candy!

(See the beautiful ceramic lidded jar? I backed into it and almost  ... yikes!)

Treasures from the artist and friends ...

Terry, Brian & John

the talented trio,  and upcoming workshop instructors ...
Some of you may or may not know...
 but to catch the ferry from Seattle to Whidbey Island
on a Friday at rush hour is problematic. An experience. 
So we went to dinner, with a view...
where Terry gave us each a handmade journal to cherish.
Our food, like the view was outstanding.

And we went on to the art gallery to see ...
an excellent show which featured John's work.
By then the long line to the ferry was better,
 and we got in line.

Once on the ferry, we left the rental car and
went up on deck and Wow!

Wendy, Irene,& me

So, a lot of camera time.

My first time on a ferry, and with good friends.

Brian, Terry, John, Irene & me.

Can you tell we like each other?

A long day, on our way to rest up for tomorrow.
To be continued ...

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

Genbu-Kai Karate-Do/Costa Mesa Dojo National Team
Front row: Lisa Latimer, Matt Hoss, Roberto Torres Jr., Tony Cappuccilli, Andy Hopper, Cassie Latimer
Second row: Alexis Meshi, Margaret Guarderas, Kevin Suzuki, Dana Short, Bev Quinn, Colin Morris, jacki long
Third row: Brian Bingman, Jerry Short, Bill Quinn, David Alduenda

A smile for Thursday ...

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