Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 1054: Grandhunk's got an old toy!

"Bluedaisy",  photo & collage digitized.

High up on a garage shelf, boxed and sealed was ...
my old "MacIntosh LC"
a small dinosaur of early computing.

I looked it up and found ...

"Apple's Macintosh LC series -- which stands for "Low Cost" -- 
was sold from October 1990 to August 1995, 
primarily to the education sector."

When Grandhunk #3 helped me in the garage, mentioned here ...
he considered taking this antique home, but changed his mind.
When it was mentioned to Grandhunk #1 he staked a claim.
Today was pick-up day and at 6'4-1/2" he didn't use a ladder!

He unpacked it in the garage and was pleased ...
everything was in tact ... manuals, all the correct cords.
I caught pics of him Googling and checking on ebay.
He said it's really rare to have all the components.
Grandma might not be as "techie" as she would like,
but she's a good packer!

A smile for Monday ...

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